How big is the Footwear Industry?

Designing footwear and researching the materials utilized are both aspects of footwear design. It calls for inventive ideas, design drawing, production, and expertise in cutting-edge methodologies. One of the hardest jobs in the fashion world is this one. Footwear design has reached its pinnacle over time and has emerged as the top profession. The footwear […]

Types of Design Courses

The design has been an integral part of India’s cultural legacy. It has evolved from meaning only aesthetics to being a strategic component of innovation. Designing has grown as a sought-after career option for young people. Design is a broad field with several specialities and degree options. In general, the kind of design courses in […]

FDDI And Beyond

Some of you who are reading this blog could still be in school, while others may already be close to getting a design degree that says “Bachelor of Design”! But now what? As promised, here we are on a blog about what to anticipate after graduating from a footwear design college. The footwear industry has […]

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