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Some of you who are reading this blog could still be in school, while others may already be close to getting a design degree that says “Bachelor of Design”! But now what?

As promised, here we are on a blog about what to anticipate after graduating from a footwear design college.

The footwear industry has always been one of India’s most inventive sectors. Today, it appears to be much more vibrant and to include a wide range of lifestyle aspects than in the past. The sector is booming on both macro and micro level. Anything that sells is the result of several hands working together. From inspiration to research to production, there is a lot to accomplish, as well as recognize the little elements that contribute to the effective execution of any creative project. Who creates the surface’s texture? Who explores the globe to stay abreast of the industry? Who ensures that the concept is successfully transformed into a product? Is it possible for the designer to merchandise as well? All of these concerns are essential to the field of design.

So what do footwear designers do?

There is room in the business for all kinds of designers. There are designers that are involved in the entire process. Then there are designers that are solely concerned with the creation of surfaces and textures. Together, they create the form and substance with the help of other designers. The rush of witnessing an idea become a real pair of shoes is unlike anything else. And since durability and aesthetics are stressed in footwear design courses, designers are also great producers and visual merchandisers. They can create a theme and a context to present the product in its environment. For a designer, the size of show windows—which extends beyond footwear and the foot—is yet another intriguing area.

While many designers participate in the process of fashion forecasting in a profession where future projections are so heavily valued, others collaborate with forecasting firms, tour the world, and study future trends that might affect fashion. They make an effort to understand the results of such a study. To include fashion’s implications for the future, they work on themes, colors, and materials.

The decision of “what you want to specialize in” is always up to you, whether you choose to pursue further education or have the chance to interact with people at a grassroots level. All we can assure you is that at FDDI, you will study every step of the process in great depth, regardless of which area of design you enjoy the most. One of the cutting-edge footwear design and fashion design schools, FDDI uses a studio-based method to make sure you learn by doing and gain an understanding of every little detail and each process that goes into making the piece you hope to show off on the catwalk one day!

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