A career in Fashion Designing

As glamorous as it sounds, Fashion Industry is also fascinating in reality. What could be more enjoyable than helping students express their creativity and turning it into a source of income? Fashion design is a crucial component of it. Fashion design is the creation of design concepts and translation into an actual piece of art. These days, people care a lot more about what they wear, which puts tremendous demand on fashion designers. As India is full of diversity, it allows designers to merge cultures and create innovative products. FDDI guides students to achieve their creative careers by guiding them in conceptual sketching, draping, garment construction, trend forecasting, and many more fields. Additionally, FDDI provides students with internships, industrial visits, and hands-on experience, enabling them to develop a finer portfolio. Every piece of clothing has a story to tell, therefore FDDI provides students with a forum to share the inspirations behind their creations.

The development of the Indian fashion industry has been significantly influenced by the fashion design curriculum. Students can enrol in graduate and postgraduate programs at FDDI. It is ideal for students who are creative because it focuses on creating unique designs for apparel and accessories. Students at FDDI receive comprehensive instruction on every subject, including pattern making, design elements, illustrations, garment construction, textile expertise, and software like CLO 3d, Apex Knit design, 3D software, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator. People that start trends with their ideas and represent society are needed for careers in fashion design. One could opt for many rewarding career options after pursuing a course in fashion design, including Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Digital Designer, Merchandiser, Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Graphic Designer, and many more, based on their individual strengths. Students can also establish their own businesses and become an awe-inspiring entrepreneur.

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