How big is the Footwear Industry?

Designing footwear and researching the materials utilized are both aspects of footwear design. It calls for inventive ideas, design drawing, production, and expertise in cutting-edge methodologies. One of the hardest jobs in the fashion world is this one. Footwear design has reached its pinnacle over time and has emerged as the top profession. The footwear and product industry contributes significantly to both employment and export revenue in India. India is the second largest footwear producer after China with huge domestic retail market. With the affluence of raw materials, skilled manpower, innovative technology, and the strong presence of the allied industries, the sector has tremendous potential for growth and employment generation. The School of Footwear Design and Production, which has been around since its founding in 1986, is committed to the development and growth of the industry. It is known throughout the world for producing high-caliber professionals and providing the industry with international-level consulting support in the specialized field of Footwear Design, Production, and Management.

Why it is unique?

With a rich heritage from the end of the 20th century to the contemporary footwear industry, this degree will help to equip you with the skills and experience to set you apart in the fashion sector. You will be working directly with industry professionals and big brands to gain valuable insights into new products and technologies. 

Throughout the course your shoe design and technical making skills will be developed, emphasizing the crucial relationship between design and manufacture and the needs of the footwear industry.

Career opportunities

The footwear profession is for everyone creative, open-minded, and for those interested in new designs and fashion. Candidates who pursue footwear design courses can find lucrative job opportunities in fashion houses, footwear brands, manufacturing units, and many more.  Tie-ups, structured blending of the technical training and the application based managerial specialization in the area of Design, Production, Marketing, Merchandising & Retail Management, the Alumni have witnessed high career opportunities in Footwear Designing, Footwear Fashion/Styling and CAD, Production Planning, Marketing, Merchandising, Buying/Sourcing, Costing and Quality Management, Shop Floor operations and in the back end of Footwear Retailing sector, both in India and abroad.

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